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Pre-Activity Screening Form!

All participants (students & coaches) must complete the form submission above prior to attending any tryout or practice for Athletics.

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April 12, 13, 14 
CUTS: April 15

TRYOUT FORMAT: All athletes must tryout in at least three events. If you don’t know what event you are best at, you need to try as many events as possible. The more we see of you, the better the chance of making the team. TRYOUT SCHEDULE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Team selection will be announced at a mandatory team meeting. 

  • Sprinters need to tryout in 100m, 200m, and 400m.
  • Distance runner 400m, 800m, 1600m.
  • Jumpers need to tryout in jumps, 100m, and 200m.
  • Throwers the shot put, discus and 100m.

CURRENTLY PARTICIPATING IN ANOTHER WTW SPORT: If you are participating in another WTW sport and interested in trying out, you need to contact Coach Zuber before the tryout to let her know you're interested, but currently in another WTW sport. We expect to see you as soon as your current season is over.

QUESTIONS: Contact Coach Zuber at or 661-857-6354

COSTS: New athletes must purchase a uniform if they have never participated in Woodson cross country, indoor, or outdoor track & field. We also encourage you to purchase spirit wear. Warm clothing is required. The spirit wear and uniforms are good for all three sports for as long as you are at Woodson. Make sure you have running specific shoes; lower body injuries are often caused by wearing the wrong type of shoes.

EXPECTATIONS: This is a VARSITY SPORT and attendance at practices and meets are MANDATORY. We understand you are busy with other activities and request that you carefully consider your time commitments before trying out for track and field. It’s the responsibility of the student-athlete to inform Coach Zuber of any conflicts. All conflicts need to be addressed at the beginning of the season. The official schedule will be posted on our team website Please check the site and make sure you are able to attend the meets that are scheduled for you.

PRACTICE: Monday-Friday, 3:30pm till 6:00pm, sometimes practice ends early and some days later. Some groups have Saturday practice. All athletes are required to attend practice every day. We do have practice when it is cold, raining or maybe snowing. No practice if FCPS is canceled.

EVENTS: These events are offered in a regular outdoor track & field meet:

Running events4x800m Relay, 100/110m Hurdles, 
100m Dash. 1600m Run, 4x100m Relay, 200m Dash,
400m Run, 800m Dash, 3200m Run and 
4 x 400m Relay

Field events: Long jump, Triple jump, High jump,
Pole vault, Shot Put and Discus

PREPARATION: You MUST be in shape and ready to tryout to be successful. You should be working out three-five days a week, three of those days should be followed with core exercises and/or weight lifting.

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